It’s all about BUILDING the DREAM!




I’m an ambitious dreamer who believes freedom, flexibility and deep purpose - in business and in life - are possible for ANYONE who wants it and is willing do to the work. I believe anything is possible for you and your business.

In July of 2017, I was struggling with the thought of returning to a corporate project management career after our second daughter was born. I loved my job, but I hated my schedule. I had a deep longing to build something of my own. So, I made a decision to begin working as a freelance project manager. I replaced my full time corporate project management income in 90 days and I left the 9-5 world.

Since that time, I’ve partnered with several organizations and individuals as an operations consultant, project manager, and business coach. I love working with ambitious people who have BIG dreams!

My husband and I are raising two strong and lovely girls on a hobby farm in Indiana. I love all things outdoors. For the personality test lovers - I am an Ennegram - 1, Myers Briggs - INTJ, and on the DiSC, I am an S. My personal measure of success is progress.

I would love to learn more about you, your business, and your dreams!




Business is more than just numbers.

The most successful businesses are those with a solid foundation. So, we start at the beginning: knowing your “WHY,” defining your businesses core values, and developing a healthy mindset. This is the foundation of your dream!

Blueprints are essential.

We work together to build a business that aligns with your dreams and values. We assess if your current activities are getting you where you want to go. We work through values based decision making so you have deep confidence that you’re making the right decisions.

Identifying and addressing constraints.

We identify and address the issues that are preventing your business from reaching the levels of income and impact you’re seeking. It could be time management, operational improvements, mindset, increased automation, or building a healthy culture.

Goals for the win.

After identifying the issues, we work together to prioritize areas of focus, we create goals, we track results, and we celebrate success! We break the goals down into actionable tasks, so you know what to do next. Imagine how it would feel to be fully confident that you are on the way to building your dream!