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Hi, I'm Becca!

I'm an ambitions dreamer who believed that there had to be MORE to building a life than graduating to college, getting a good job with benefits and a 401k, buying a house, and you know - all the things you feel like will make your parents proud, right?!

I did those things.  But, at the end of the day, I was unfulfilled.  I was bored. I found myself asking - Is this really it?  This is what I do for the next 30 years? I deeply value responsibility, but I could not stop dreaming and believing that there had to be a better way to build a life.  I craved MORE FREEDOM. I want to do MORE than to work to build someone else's dream. I wanted MORE than 10 days of vacation. I wanted MORE time with my family. And, honestly, I wanted to make MORE money.  

Here is my story...

I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2007 with degrees in Business Administration, Psychology, and Christian Education.  I met my amazing husband, Zach, while I was there and we got married and moved to North Carolina right after graduation. While we were in NC we pastored together at a local church. We moved into the church parsonage, adopted our sweet dog, Tater, and I started selling Mary Kay on the side for extra money (I actually earned a car in my first four months).  Becoming a Mary Kay Sales Director was my first exposure to building a business and I realized I loved it, especially coaching new consultants on how to make their businesses successful. But honestly, I had little interest in selling skincare and makeup, so I moved on.

ZB and Tater in NC.jpg

In 2009 we moved to Michigan.  We had our first little girl and I was a stay at home mom for ten months.  I realized that I really loved working outside the home, so I started a corporate project management job.  I loved the work, but I hated the schedule. I had to leave before my one year old daughter was awake to drive 45 minutes one way.  I got home in time to see her for maybe two hours before she went to bed. My husband was a pastor, so he often had evening commitments, which means I didn't get to see him much either.  Our families were out of state, so if I wanted to see them, I had to take some of my 10 vacation days for the year. There had to be MORE. There had to be other options, right?!

ZB and Annalee 1 .jpg

I could not stop dreaming. I imagined being able to take our FAMILY on a two-week vacation and not worry about the time off work or the money.  I would daydream about what I could possibly do build a career that would give me the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY I craved so deeply.  

But I had no idea where to begin.

My turning point...

We moved to Indiana in 2016 and we had two girls by then.  I started looking for another corporate job. But I just could not let go of the dream of having more FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY and more time with FAMILY.  I either needed to release my dream or BUILD it.

So, I decided to take a chance on myself.  I had a background in project management, so I started there.  I met with other women who had built very successful freelance project management businesses, I consulted with business people whom I respected, I researched how to build a successful online business and I STARTED.  We made lots of sacrifices at first.... we hired childcare before I was making enough to cover it, we invested in online courses and coaching, I worked in the mornings before my kids were awake and in the evenings after they were asleep, and every pocket of time in between.  

But, IT WORKED!  And it was worth every sacrifice.  I more than replaced my 9 to 5 income in less than 90 days while working much fewer hours and having way more than 10 days of vacation! I have more FREEDOM, more FLEXIBILITY, and more time with my FAMILY (and our chickens)!


My mission ...

I am obsessed with coaching other ambitious dreamers who crave MORE FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.  The dreamers who know they were made for MORE and they are willing to work to build a life they love, but they don't know were to START.

So, what about you?

Are you ready to build your dream?  Are you ready to BUILD a life that you LOVE?  Are you ready to do the work and finally have the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY you so deeply crave.  

I've been there, friend. This is possible for you! I'm so glad you're here.


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