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Hey! I'm Becca...



I'm so glad you're here.   I'm not sure what brought you here, but here is one thing I want you to know: 


I believe that you were created to live your days with purpose.  So, I'm here to help you stop living on auto-pilot and start living intentionally so that you can cultivate what matters most to you and your family.  

If you're ready to...

  • Uncover your core values and start living in alignment with them
  • Reset your schedule and your to-do list based on what matters most
  • Establish rhythms and routines that work well for you in this season
  • Join a community of like minded families who are committed to living out God's best for them
  • Simplify your decision making 
  • How to have freedom from guilt when say "no" and deep confidence when you say "yes"

... then you are in the right place!


A little bit more about me ...

I am married to Zach and we have two young girls.  We live on a 6 acre hobby farm in Indiana.  We love all things outdoors, chickens, and traveling.  We are passionate about helping families discover the goodness of God and uncover how they can walk in alignment with His purpose. 

I started all of this because I had been living on auto-pilot/survival mode for just a little too long.  And for the transitional season we were in (relocating, new baby, new jobs), it was necessary.

But there comes a time when survival mode needs to end, and it was time to make a change - specifically in being INTENTIONAL with my TIME.  And I'm convinced that I'm not alone.


  • "there's just not enough time in the day"
  • "I would love to _____ but we're just too busy"
  • "if only I had more time"
  • "this is just life with little ones"

Have you been there before?  The feeling of running from one thing to another (literally, mentally, or both)?  If so, we're here for you!  We've spent hours developing tools just for you - to help you move from auto-pilot to intentional.  We hope you join us :)

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