How our family moved from auto-pilot to an intentional life

walking up steps

"For the first time, I decided to pick a word of the year for 2018.  In mid-December, I went away for a couple of days and stayed in a hotel alone (insert hallelujah chorus here).  I prayed and reflected on the past year - the things that were great and not so great - and dreamed of what the next year would bring.  Through this process, there was a definite theme that can be summed up in one word (my word of the year) - INTENTIONAL.

As I reflected back on the previous year of a busy travel schedule and new job for my husband, a move to a new city, transitioning from working outside the home to being a stay-at-home mom and then back to working outside the home again, I realized that I was pretty much just moving through life on auto-pilot.  I was in what some describe as "survival mode."  And for that transitional season, it was necessary.

But this year, it was time to make a change - specifically in being INTENTIONAL with my TIME.  And I'm convinced that I'm not alone.

I found myself saying/thinking/believing things like...

  • "there's just not enough time in the day"

  • "I would love to _____ but we're just too busy"

  • "if only I had more time"

  • "this is just life with little ones"

Have you been there before?  The feeling of running from one thing to another (literally, mentally, or both)?  The feeling of living on auto-pilot or survival mode for just a little bit too long?  I've been there friend, but I truly believe we are not meant to stay there.

As a society in general, we are chronically overscheduled.  It's become acceptable, even praised, to crave and seek busyness.  We've [mistakenly] equated busyness with our (and our children's) success, purpose, and social position.

But the Lord provided a finite amount of hours in the day.  So, when I say, " I need more time," I'm basically telling him that his provision is insufficient.  I've never consciously told God that he messed up when he only gave us 24 hours, but sometimes our family calendar and my perspective said otherwise.  Yikes.

Here is what I realized...

IF His provision of 24 hours is perfectly sufficient; THEN it's not the number of hours in a day that's the issue.  It's the number of things I try to put in my day. 

Most of us are probably familiar with Dave Ramsey's financial stewardship principle of telling every dollar where to go, and that to be financially successful you have to be intentional with your money, right?

I started to ask myself similar questions about my time... What is actually taking my time? Why are all these things on my list?  Which things are really the most important based on my personal and my families core values? What would my life look like if embraced my limitations and learned to live intentionally with the 24 hours a day he provided?

So, I'm on a mission to RECLAIM my TIME so that I can CULTIVATE what matters most to me and my family and I would love for you to join us!

Here is what we did...

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