The Myth of a Balanced Life

I’m a justice-driven person and I love the idea of balance. By definition, balance means “an even distribution of weight.”  I love all things fair and even. Balance sounds like a good way to approach life, but it's an impossible target.  And when we pursue it, we inevitably end up feeling like we’re failing.  We feel guilty because we can’t keep everything “balanced” - family, work, marriage, activities, hobbies.  

When we shoot at an impossible target, we will never win.  

I don’t believe we were created to live a balanced life; I believe we were created for purposeful life.  

When we make balance our target, we tend to think that everything in every season deserves equal time.  And this just is not true (or even possible). There will be seasons in our life when our work needs more time than our family.  There will be seasons when the opposite is true. There will be seasons when our marriage should take precedence over our kids. And there will be seasons where our kids really need more attention than our marriages.  

So, what is my target instead? - A PURPOSEFUL LIFE.  

And here are the things I consider when aiming for that target: 

What is my season of life?  

For example, your work/family time is going to look completely different in different seasons.  If you’ve just had a baby or have young children at home, this requires a different level of time and attention then when they are a bit older. 

What values am I honoring in this decision? 

Instead of trying to make everything equal, the things that you value the most should get more of your time!  Not all things need to be, or even should be, equal.

How will this affect my future? 

When seeking to make a purposeful decision, ask yourself: How will I feel about this in 5 days, 5 months, 5 years?  

So friends, let’s free ourselves from the impossible pursuit of balance and seek purpose instead!