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Hi, I'm Becca!

I finally took a chance on myself and I replaced my 9-5 income in the first 90 days.

I am on a mission to help ambitious dreamers like you create and grow a business that allows you to  BUILD a life you LOVE.

You may not believe it yet, (I didn't at first either) but let me tell you a few things …

  • You are worth the risk!

  • You can learn how to do this!

  • You can build a successful and (very) profitable business!



01 // You’re dreaming of a career that would give you more FREEDOM, more FLEXIBILITY, more FAMILY >> I used to sit at my desk at my corporate job and just wonder if this was possible.  

02 // You need to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE  >> I finally had to decide to either accept that I would spend the next 30 years at a desk building someone else's dream or crush my fear and start believing differently about what was possible for me.

03 // You are ready to MAKE A PLAN and take the BOLD ACTION that is required to BUILD a life you LOVE >> I really value having a plan, so I had to have this before I could make the leap.


Words from the amazing people I work with…

“I think it is invaluable to have someone like Becca come alongside you on the journey of taking a dream and launching into reality.  It’s easy to have dreams in our world of opportunity, but it is hard to maneuver the obstacles, both inside and outside of ourselves, and discover the path that leads to our success.  Having a coach alongside to encourage, inspire, and guide may be the missing link to your dream becoming a success.”

— Natasha Dongell / Author + Speaker

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Are you ready to BUILD a life you LOVE?

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