If you think of a building, these values are the foundation. They guide my behavior, inform my decisions, and shape my business relationships.


We begin with the end in mind.  We define what success looks like before we start. In other words, we define where you want to be so that we are focused on getting you there!


I believe in the power of teams. This looks like respect, empathy, honor, diversity, celebration, and a willingness to “share the load.”


Simply put: I do what I say I will do. I own my successes and I acknowledge the times that I could have done better.  


Every individual and business is unique. I seek to understand your business, your goals, and your values. I ask curiously and listen fully.


I am obsessed with personal and professional development. I seek opportunities to improve my own skills in order to serve my clients with greater levels of excellence.


I seek to encourage and communicate difficult messages with tact and care.  I am bold and strong, but also kind.